Monday, May 03, 2010

On the way to Kumbakonam.

So the next journey starts (OOTY was good) and this is the start of a few important functions at both my side and my wife's. Now we are going to kumbakonam to the Upanayanam of my Nephew. We did not have any inclination to leave the cool BANGALORE and get into the sultry heat of kumbakonam in the start of the Kathiri - May 4th to May 28th. The first week of June is my Wife's niece's marriage in Palani. Incidentally she is getting married to a classmate of my wife who remembers my wife but the other way round is zilch :) Followed by my Nephew's marriage in Chennai on the 5th and a get together of all the cousins in Chennai, the cousins are coming from the US and ├łast Asia. Then we have MINORKUNJU's wedding on the 21st of June in chennai. Apart from this we have multitude of visitors coming in all over May to BANGALORE which is going to keep us busy busy. Will keep posting my travelouge for the next two days.
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