Thursday, April 07, 2011

Foster Home for 2 Year , Male, Fawn color Lab



Dash is a very adorable, well behaved, intelligent huge dog with a very friendly temperament. He is trained and listens to commands, loves to be amongst people, but also can manage when left alone for a few hours. He has always been a house dog, in an apartment set up-adjusts well with the environment, barks only when it is required. He is an alert and playful dog but spends most of the time sleeping. Dash has been given all the required vaccination and  has been a part of our family for the past 2 years. He loves being in the company of other dogs as well.



Though Dash is a gem of a boy, he has a skin allergy problem (ATOPIC DERMATITIS) which we have found to be caused due to the environment. He seems to be allergic to pollens of plants like parthenium. Anywhere in Bangalore his skin condition remains the same. In places like Chennai (we take him when we go there) or any place which is hot seems to suit him and all his rashes go away. The rashes aren’t visible outwardly on his skin, yet they are present in his knees and near his stomach (bottom).We have been giving him medications, which gives visible result, but can’t continue to give him as it will affect his health . Our veterinarian also feels that he should be out of the medications for that he needs to be moved away from Bangalore .Hence we are left with an only option of finding him a loving home away from Bangalore, preferably Chennai or places without much of parthenium. Would prefer to see him under the loving care of already experienced dog owners who know about / owned labs.


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Abhishek said...

hello sir, did u find a home for dash yet?