Monday, February 14, 2011

Talking to God

When you are born you are ordained to achieve something in this world, says the Gita.

Certain people have been born to lead a life of austerity and serve the god in turn they become the bridge between the god and the common man. These people due to their selfless service have that fragile thread of communication between the super power and self. Over a period of time they gain popularity and the word spreads and they start getting dakshina ( Guru Dakshina is an important part of our culture ), this dakshina is percentaged between the god/temple and him, lions share going to the temple and a little for his sustenance. This changes in due course and he starts to eye the money now more than god and at this point that fragile thread is cut loose and the communication stops. Unfortunately due to the requirement of the lifestyle change he is required to wear the mask and continue saying things that may not be relevant, the common man did not know about the communication break and continues to believe in him and ends up in a mess. Once he comes to know that the common man has become a conned man he starts to riot and spew vulgarities at the guru who was all the way leading him. The above is true for all the guru's of today, be it "Sri Sri Sri", Nithyananda, kanchi pedathipathi or the sai Baba in putaparthi. So what am I ordained to do ?
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